Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily Dose of Belated Birthday-ism

Woah!  Bro!  I was so busy knowing kung-fu that I totally overlooked Keanu Reeve's birthday yesterday!  Like woah omg!

(Jump for the celebration)

So - how did our favorite star of The Matrix and... that movie where he lived in a van down by the river and tried to play football spend his 46th Birthday?  That's easy.  Outside of a warehouse, eating a cupcake, in a pose that we can all cut out and place around our office.  And by office, I'm, of course, referring to your mother's bedroom.  Because that's where I do work.  All night.

Here's a bigger version of the original Sad Keanu and then a shot from yesterday.  Cut them out, put them places, post pics.

-Daily Doser

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