Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Dose of ...ugh

Bad news, for me at least, folks.. Pulling in to work today, some fool decided to come flying up the wrong side of the street and into my car.

So, please bear with me as I get this all sorted out, if I'm slacking the next few days.. my apologies.

If any you happen to know any giant douches who drive their girlfriends white convertible eclipse GT with those awesome un-painted hood scoops glued on the hood... kick his ass for me.

(btw, he was on work release, too)



  1. ugh, shit sucks man. hope you get it all worked out

  2. Wait... Do you run Daily Dose of Dubstep? Also, sorry mate for your loss, my car just had the battery wires stolen from it... seriously. The wires. Good luck mate, I'll follow you even if your not there ;)


  3. Just glad you are alive. Best of luck man.

  4. damn dog thats tough, good luck on getting it all sorted out


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