Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Dose of Gaming Tats

Alright - I know I've been slacking.  If I told you what I was doing instead, you wouldn't believe me.. so I won't tell you.

SO, check this out.  Awesome sleeve and chest piece (ZERG) with some of our favorite video game characters.  Full video after the jump of him going through the list of everything and showing it all.  What's your favorite?  I'd post a picture of my tats, but then I'd get an explicit tag.



  1. That is sick. I want to get a chestpiece done soon

  2. hah thats cool.. i have a tattoo but I drew it myself :p

  3. He's going to regret this in a few years when the graphics improve.

  4. People have some brass balls to be tatooing video game related stuff on their bodies.

  5. Lovin',followin',supportin'


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