Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily Dose of Double Rainbows!

What was the look on your face the first time you saw that Double Rainbow video?  Ok.  Now what do you think the look on the guy's face who was IN the video was?  Here's the answer:

Meet Bear (no, not the awesome one that goes out and kills wild animals with sticks, the one that loves rainbows.) a.k.a. Paul Vasquez, the double rainbow guy.  As you can see, his love for rainbows exists well beyond just seeing them in the sky - check out that beard braid!

It seems that Microsoft has snagged him to do some commercials for the new Windows Live photo gallery (see videos after the jump) which is good for me.. I've got some ideas for Windows 8 commercials involving double.. something.  I think they'll go for it.

Video of the ad after the jump along with a meet n greet with our favorite hippy.



  1. You gotta addmit microsoft are sure know their marketing tips ;d

  2. haha definitely. Seems like the only way to make money from going viral is to get pulled into an ad of some sort playing off your video.

    Good for him, though.. it's nice to finally see the face behind the crying haha. Not what I expected.

  3. >Implying Bear Grylls doesn't love rainbows

  4. me1! :D

  5. hippie if i ever saw one

  6. whats up bud; I took care of that stuff we talked about last night, you are good to go. If you need anything else just let me know

  7. hey dude, im trying to follow you but it wont let me, says its unavailable at the time.

    ill keep checking back, cant miss my daily dose of whatever the fuck you decide on that givin day

  8. Thanks Bones hope it works out, I'll be followin you back


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